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Comparison between various compensation plans

We’ve compared the ARIIX compensation plan (Active 8) with more than 20 of the largest direct selling and network marketing

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  • All figures are in U.S. dollars for reasons of coherence and transverse between companies;
  • Taxes and shipping not included;
  • Assumes that all representatives are on autoship. ASAP Bonus, leadership bonus, matching bonus, and other bonus are not included in order to better calculate the residual income;
  • Preferred customers are excluded.


Disclaimer – This document is created by ARIIXUK, and is not related to nor ratified ARIIX. There may be small miscalculations, while maintaining the aspect ratio. Serves only for indicative purposes. ARIIX UK is not responsible for the misinterpretation of any compensation plan, failure to calculate commissions, or make sure that all calculations reflect recent compensation plans of companies. Updated on May 2012

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The ARIIX compensation plan is so revolutionary that it is on a patent pending approval process.

Statistics based on year 2012. Representatives who only won one check are included. Representatives full time are those who have attained the qualification of the President at any time or at least 1 week during the period.

These figures do not represent profits they do not include costs resulting from promotional activities, and do not include additional income generated by retail sales. These values ​​are not guaranteed or projections of your future gains. Any guarantee of earnings is incorrect, and success depends on the efforts of each one.